Central West has merged with GMF

Central West has merged with GMF

The intent of the merger is to create a larger, more sustainable and efficient health fund with the best products for our members. It is important to note that much like Central West Health Cover, GMF Health is a not-for-profit fund with over 70,000 members around Australia. GMF Health has been around for over 60 years – so you can trust GMF Health to look after your health insurance needs.

It is also important to know that from 1 July, GMF Health will be administered by HBF Health Ltd. GMF Health has been a subsidiary health fund of HBF Health since 2002. In practice this will not impact your new GMF health insurance policy benefits, premium or service.

More information can be found here.

You're now a GMF Health member

If you were a previous Central West Health Cover member you should’ve received a GMF Welcome Pack with our recommended GMF product, along with a GMF member card which will allow you to claim most of your benefits on the spot.

Why did you merge?

Central West has been a part of the same group as GMF (HealthGuard) since it started in 2005. It has simply operated under a separate brand name. By merging we will be able to make savings on back end costs, which will ultimately benefit our members.

Who are GMF?

A. GMF is part of the same group as Central West – this group is known as HealthGuard. The two brands have always been part of the same group, which means there is no change to the people looking after your fund.

What does this mean for me?

What has changed is the brand name of your fund, your policy’s name and some benefits of your policy. You will also benefit from added services such as having a member card to claim on the spot with and access to online claiming.

Full details of your new policy with GMF can be found in the GMF Welcome Pack we sent you.

Why should I stay with GMF?

  • Claiming is easier. With GMF, you'll have a member card for on-the-spot claims.

  • You can make claims online with myGMF - a member self-service portal.

  • GMF has been around for more than 60 years and have over 70,000 members in Australia.

  • We're not-for-profit and part of the Members Own Health Funds

  • We give you simple, easy-to-understand policies.

  • We have no preferred providers. You can choose your own healthcare practitioners and we'll cover it.

  • You can choose your own level of exces. It's your policy, you decide.

What about my 4% DD discount?

While there any many benefits of being a GMF member, unfortunately members will lose their 4% direct debit discount. Because of our fund rules we cannot offer a discount for some members and not others. We understand this means a loss to some members and hope that the many other benefits we offer will outweigh this loss.

How do GMF’s premiums compare with other funds?

GMF is known for its value. We are below the average for Australian health funds – with an average of 5.31%. The average for all funds announced by the Minister is 6.18%.

If I cancel, do I get a refund?

Yes, for premiums paid in advance of your cancellation date.

Can I change my cover?

Yes, we can change you over to a different GMF cover option, not a problem. Just call us to discuss what other options we may have to better suit your needs.

Will I have to serve waiting periods for any new services or increased benefits?

If you’re on the product we have recommended, you will have no waiting periods for any new services or increased benefits you receive under your new product.

If you choose to transfer to another product, you will have to serve waiting periods for any new services or increased benefits.