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GMF Health is now part of HBF Health Insurance. Browse cover options. Existing members, recent changes explained.

Important information

GMF is now HBF Health

GMF has completed its integration with HBF.

HBF and GMF Health aren’t strangers. We’ve been more closely aligned than many people realise. In fact GMF has been an HBF subsidiary for the last 14 years.

Who is HBF?

HBF is just like GMF, an Australian owned not-for-profit health fund run purely to benefit members. With over 75 years of experience in the health insurance industry and around 1 million members - you can rest assured you’re still in the care of a well-resourced fund committed to your health and wellbeing.

How will this affect you?

GMF Product Holders are now “HBF members”.

Will my product coverage change?

You will remain on the same GMF cover you are on now, and it will retain the ‘GMF’ name e.g. GMF Lite Extras, GMF Mid Hospital.

As part of the integration, there has been changes to some  cover benefits. If you have been impacted, all changes were explained in a letter you would have received in January.

Will my premium change?

There will be no change to base premiums as part of the integration with HBF. There may be minor rounding to premiums, subject to payment frequency.

Can I access HBF Momentum member discounts?

Yes! You can now enjoy a range of additional services and benefits as an HBF member including:

  • Discounts on home, car and travel insurance
  • Discounted tickets to the movies, theme park and attractions
  • Discount on sports clothes, accessories and nutrition online at Running Warehouse
  • Discounts on eyewear such as sunglass and contact lenses
  • And much more!

Can I still claim on my GMF cover?

As you are now an HBF member, you are to start using and claiming on your new HBF member card.

What do I do with any old claims? (for services prior to 13 February 2017)

You can still send through your claims to HBF for processing.

You can download an HBF claim form here or claim online via your myHBF portal.

What do I do with my old GMF member card?

You can throw out your old GMF member card as it will no longer be active, and start using your new HBF member card.

Will the GMF branch remain in Kalgoorlie?

You’ll continue to get the same level of service you’re currently receiving, as we know having a local branch with familiar faces to help you with your health insurance is an important part of that.

Is the GMF brand going to continue?

The GMF name will only be in the name of your cover., You will see HBF branding in the member communications you receive.

Who can I talk to if I have any other questions?

In all of the above circumstances, now that GMF is part of HBF, we can advise you on a wide range of HBF cover options that are likely to suit your health needs and budget. Feel free to call us any time to talk through your options.