What if I'm not sure what my child is going to be earning in 2013?

You will need to estimate their income for the year.

Is my child's income calculated by calendar year or financial year?

All income should be calculated on the amount they are likely to earn in the 2013 financial year.

What happens if my child is commencing an apprenticeship/traineeship?

Provided your child will earn an income of less than $20 500 p.a. from employment and will not be married or living in a de facto relationship in 2013, they can remain covered on your family policy.

Is a scholarship considered to be income?

If your child receives a scholarship this is not considered to be income from employment.

What if my child is planning to go overseas indefinitely?

If they are planning to be overseas for longer than 3 months, they have the option of suspending their GMF Health cover on your family policy. If this applies to you, please contact us on  1300 653 099.

What happens after I return my declaration?

If your child is still eligible to remain on your family policy, your cover will remain unchanged and we will contact you again next year to determine their status for 2014.

Will my policy become cheaper with fewer dependants on it?

A GMF Health family health policy provides cover for an unlimited number of qualified dependants at no extra cost. Therefore when your child no longer qualifies to remain on your family policy your premium will not change.

However if you are a single parent, your child no longer qualifies and you have no other children on your policy, your membership type will change to single cover and your premium will reduce accordingly.

If your family health policy is likely to change in 2013, we need to speak to you to make sure your policy will reflect your new circumstances.